Instagram worthy islands

If you’d like to add more gorgeous travel photos to your Instagram feed, head to Capri, Bora Bora or another one of these stunning islands.

From the bright colours of Santorini to the picture-perfect shores of the Mamanucas, Instagram worthy photo spots dot these islands. But don’t let picture-taking consume all of your time. Each of these destinations also offer incredible attractions, such as high tea on Vancouver Island or the mysterious electric blue cave on Italy’s Capri.

Want to know more? Let’s set sail on a tour of these five Instagram worthy islands.


1. Mamanucas, Fiji

Coconut palms sway over white sandy beaches, and turquoise water laps the shores of the popular Fijian Mamanuca Islands. Comprising about 20 islands, this picturesque archipelago couldn’t be more ideal for Instagram.

The islands are home to world-class surf breaks, crystal clear waters teeming with marine life, and deserted beaches. Book a spot on a jet ski safari so you can explore the islands in a whole new way, or visit the world-famous coral reefs. Fiji is full of adventure, so go explore!

Insta spots

Matamanoa Island


Peaceful and secluded, Matamanoa Island gets major props for its Instagram worthy shots. Lush and tranquil, Matamanoa features a volcanic cone jutting out of the azure sea. From its perfect light to its ocean front villas, the island will play the ideal host for your photo shoots.

Castaway Island


Sink your toes into silky white sand on Castaway Island, and spend a luxurious holiday at the family-friendly resort. Stay in a spacious “bure” (bungalow) featuring a traditional Fijian thatched roof, in a tropical rainforest setting.


2. Vancouver Island, Canada

If the heat of the tropics isn’t your thing, try Vancouver Island, teeming with wildlife and scenic vistas. British Columbia’s coastal paradise boasts magnificent rainforests, pristine lakes and rivers, and majestic mountains.

Explore the 360-degree views from Mount Benson, which reaches an elevation of more than 1,000 metres. After a hike, celebrate high tea at the Fairmont Hotel. Daintily sip your tea, and munch on cream-smothered scones.

Insta spots

Cathedral Grove


The massive trees in Cathedral Grove reach 75 metres into the sky and measure 9 metres in circumference. Experience the power and majesty of nature as you stand next to these ancient giants (more than 800 years old!).

Boardwalk Trail to Schooner Bay


Deep in the tangled rainforest of Pacific Rim National Park, the Boardwalk Trail to Schooner Bay provides endless scenery for Insta snaps. Hike past meandering rivers, discover the rugged schooner cove beach and enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.


3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Often called the jewel of the South Seas, Bora Bora features turquoise lagoons, soaring mountain peaks and palm tree-fringed beaches.

Ancient Polynesians navigated the Pacific Ocean using the endless starry sky. Take a stargazing tour and learn about the unbelievable colours filling the night sky: red, oranges and yellows.

Bask in Bora Bora’s turquoise waters, or jump into one of many aquatic activities. Guide your paddle board over crystalline waters as you watch sea turtles glide through the lagoon below you.

Insta spots

Mount Otemanu


The rugged spire that soars from the centre of Bora Bora reaches over 700 metres at its peak. Trails weave across the mountain, offering a plethora of views of the ancient, defunct volcano.

Valley of the Kings


According to an old Tahitian legend, you can gather “the breath of life” in the Valley of the Kings. Capture tropical hibiscus blooms, wild snake vines and mysterious banyan trees as you explore this jungle area.


4. Santorini, Greece

Walk right along the rim of the famous volcanic caldera, where ancient sailors, merchants and farmers wore the ground to a smooth, timeworn trail. Walk through traditional whitewashed Grecian settlements and gaze out at the endless horizon.

Experience the intoxicating combination of the island’s lava-born vineyards, unique sun-soaked microclimate and ancient wine-making traditions.

History lovers can’t miss ancient Akrotiri, where excavation has uncovered an intriguing settlement that dates from the 4th century BC. You’ll marvel at the sophisticated multi-storey buildings and magnificent wall paintings.

Insta spots

Red and Black Beach


A holiday in Santorini is not complete without Instagram worthy photos of Red and Black Beach. Frame your images with the steep cliffs above and the unique, red and black pebbles descending into the azure waters below.

Ammoudi Bay


Snap a shot in iconic Ammoudi Bay with its striking red cliffs and perfect whitewashed buildings dotting the village. Remember to look out for donkeys on the path!



Imerovigli means “to act as a lookout.” During the days of the pirates, it served as a citadel over the sparkling sea. Today, whitewashed buildings appear to tumble down the scenic cliff, providing endless photo spot opportunities.


5. Capri, Italy

Finally, Capri’s stunning views might cause you to forget your camera altogether. You won’t want to take your eyes off the impossibly blue sea and the elegant villas draped in bougainvillaea flowers.

You can explore the sacred sanctuary of Tiberius, a natural sea cave located on the northwest corner of the island. The otherworldly glow of the water appears to be illuminated by neon blue lights, but the effect is entirely natural, lit by a massive underwater opening near the entrance of the cave.

Capri is a walker’s paradise, plan a stop at Certosa di San Giacomo, a 14th century monastery. Don’t miss the faded glory of its history-rich cloisters, and ask your tour guide about the harrowing Saracen pirate raids of the 16th century.

Insta spots

Monte Solaro


Nothing creates Instagram drama like dizzying heights. Take a selfie with the island at your feet from almost 600 metres above sea level. From the top, you’ll get a great shot of Faraglioni - the legendary trio of rock formations that jut out from the Mediterranean. The location was a favourite of the ancient Romans, who built sumptuous villages along these shores.

From the funicular


The short funicular ride gives you just enough time to capture expansive views of stunning Capri. Catch it at the port in Marina Grande from below or the Piazza in Capri town from above. It runs until 10pm, allowing you to revel in the vivid sunsets.

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