Vulnerable customers

Do you need extra care?

As part of our commitment to looking after customers who may be experiencing vulnerability – including people affected by family violence, SCTI has internal processes and procedures in place to ensure our products and services are accessible and can cater for customers with specific needs. 

SCTI defines vulnerable customers as customers and prospective customers whose ability or circumstances require us to take extra precautions in the way that we sell and provide our services to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in any way.

Our staff are trained to identify customers who may be vulnerable so we can take extra steps to assist outside of our standard procedures. However, it is not always possible to recognise customers with additional needs. If you believe you may fit the criteria of a customer who may be vulnerable, please let us know of your specific needs.

Domestic and Family Violence

Family violence can happen to anyone. If you are experiencing family violence and need this to be taken into consideration when you buy a policy or make a claim, please let us know so we can put in place processes that will protect you and your family.

In line with the Family Law Act 1975, section 4AB and Family Law Legislation Amendment Act 2011, SCTI defines Family Violence as; 
Violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member), or causes the family member to be fearful. This also includes harm caused to children who are exposed to family violence.

If you or your family are in immediate danger Call 000. To access 24/7 counselling and support call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

In respect of family violence SCTI:

  • Trains its employees to help them recognise instances of family violence and to understand that safety is paramount for anyone affected by family violence.
  • Protects private and confidential information of customers affected by family violence.
  • Minimises the number of times a customer affected by family violence needs to disclose information about family violence.
  • Ensures that claims handling processes for claimants affected by family violence are appropriate and sensitive.

Organisations that can be contacted for specialist support are:


AU – Specialist services:

-1800 Respect
-Domestic and Family Violence Response Training
-Legal Aid (services) offices in each state

-NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence
-Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service
-Gendered Violence Research Network, UNSW
-Law Access NSW

-Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research
-Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

-Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Service

Customers with additional needs

We want to ensure buying a policy or making a claim is as easy as possible. If you have specific needs and would like us to consider these when buying a policy or making a claim, please let us know.

Specific needs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Deaf, hearing impaired, deafblind and speech impaired
  • Visually impaired
  • Language or literacy difficulties (including learning difficulties such as dyslexia and English not being a first language)
  • Personal circumstances that may have adversely impacted on your physical, or mental health (including family violence)


Our commitment to vulnerable customers

If we think a customer may be vulnerable whether through our identification or if you have told us, we will:

  • Immediately make a record of this
  • Provide additional opportunities for you to ask questions about the information we have provided
  • Continuously seek confirmation that you have understood the information that has been provided
  • Ask if there is anybody with you who is able to assist. If not, and we believe this will be beneficial, we will make arrangements to continue with the subject matter at another time
  • Offer you the opportunity to complete the transaction after a period of further consideration

If we can’t help you, we will try and make sure you understand what alternative options are available to you.

If you would like to register as a vulnerable customer, please contact us:
Email – 
Phone – 1800 196 484

Disability Support Services 

State and territory disability services

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Office for Disability

New South Wales

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Government Office of Disability


Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

South Australia

South Australian Department of Human Services


Tasmanian Government Disability and Community Services

The Gateway Services are the community-based entry point for people with disability to access services. They can be contacted by ringing 1800 171 233 from anywhere in Tasmania.


Department of Health and Human Services

Western Australia

Disability Services Commission