Gadgets to keep you safe when travelling

Whether you’re on a family holiday or an intrepid adventure, no doubt you’ve come across situations where you’ve thought ‘I wish I had something to help with this.’

We’ve compiled a great list of some handy gadgets that might just fit the bill. You don’t have to be a secret agent to have the coolest gadgets, so read on and see what handy tools might help you on your next trip.


The ultimate beach bag: Anti-theft gear bag

Great, you’re on holiday in a beautiful seaside town. It’s time to hit the beach and soak up some sun! If you’ve got valuables with you, put them in something like the Loctote bag

It’s lightweight, slash proof, waterproof and has a scan-proof pocket, but our favourite feature is the lockable strap that can anchor your bag to anything. Simply lock your bag closed, then put the strap around a sun lounger, bench or even a tree. That way, you can take a dip and cool off knowing your gear isn’t going anywhere.

It’s always a good idea to leave valuables behind - ensure you use your hotel safe because many popular tourist beaches are known as pickpocket hotspots. 

Just be aware, you wouldn’t be covered if someone managed to steal this bag, as leaving items unattended in a public place isn’t covered. If you have to take certain items with you, like your room keys, wallet or phone, this bag makes it a little safer.


Camera confidence: Anti-theft camera bag

For avid photographers, travel is your chance to capture some amazing sights you wouldn’t see at home. Whether you’re into hunting out beautiful landscapes or finding small moments in bustling, busy cities, it’s all out there.

If you’re taking your camera and equipment with you, it’s worth looking at the Pacsafe camera range. They have equipment of all sizes, from a simple camera holster, right through to complete backpacks with sections for spare lenses, battery packs, laptops and multiple camera bodies. These bags all have the features you’d expect from a quality camera bag, plus lockable zips, anti-slash mesh in the straps and body and anti-scan inserts.

You can carry your camera equipment anywhere you need to go, without worrying about pickpockets, muggers or even rain. If you’re carrying some really high value equipment, remember to list it as specified items on your policy too, so you’re covered if something does happen.


Drink up: UV pen to purify drinking water

Tropical holidays in places like South East Asia are a great way to relax and get some sunshine. Chill out by the pool while sipping an iced tea and let your worries slip away. Don’t forget though, the water isn’t always safe to drink from the tap.

While it’s always best to stick to bottled water for everything including brushing your teeth and avoiding ice cubes in drink, there are occasions where you might come across tap water that you can’t avoid. You might be concerned about using too many plastic bottles, too.

That’s where the Steripen comes in handy. It’s a small device that uses UV light to attract and kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness, making the water safe to drink. It’s battery powered, too, so you can use it multiple times.

Keep in mind that this pen doesn’t filter water or remove added chemicals, so if it’s cloudy or murky it will stay that way even after the bugs are killed…not to mention it won’t taste any better!


Locate your luggage: Global luggage tracker

Great, you’ve landed at your destination after a long trip with a couple of stopovers. Now it’s time to stretch your legs and shake off that jet lag! The last thing you want to worry about now is whether your luggage has arrived with you.

That’s where the Trakdot comes in. This device is a compact tracker designed to fit in your luggage so you can keep track of it while you’re flying and ensure that it lands in the right place with you.

It keeps you up to date with your bag’s location via text or email as soon as you land. You can also streamline your travel process by getting alerts that your bag is at the luggage carousel, so you can peruse duty free or take a seat and relax. If your luggage does happen to be somewhere else, you will still need to report this to the airline as soon as you can.

With Trakdot you’ll be able to tell them exactly where it is, which speeds up the recovery process so you can get your luggage sooner. You can also track your bag while it’s travelling back to you!


Keep in touch: Phone app to keep loved ones in the loop

For solo travellers, exploring the world your way and in your own time is a real buzz. You’re not tied to any schedules and you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. The only catch is that people might not know where you are if something happens.

The bsafe app is a great way to keep your travel independence while still making sure that somebody knows where you are and if you’re OK. It allows you to add friends to a network so they can be updated on your whereabouts and safety.

If you’re heading out somewhere you can set a timer so that if you’re gone for too long an alert will be sent to your friends, or you can trigger an SOS alarm at any time that will alert them and sound an alarm on your phone. It will also start recording video and voice while broadcasting your location.

Of course it’s still important to make smart decisions like avoiding areas you know are unsafe, but this app provides a great safety option if something unexpected does happen.


Think of it as water wings: Inflatable flotation device

Water activities are a great way to spend your holiday. There are so many ways to enjoy the water, from surfing to surfcasting or snorkelling. If you’re swimming at a beach, even if you’re between the flags, it’s still nice to know that you’ve got a little bit of extra help on hand if you need it.

The Kingii is an inflatable device that you wear around your wrist. It’s compact and unobtrusive, but if you find yourself in a situation where you’re no longer comfortable you can inflate it in seconds and create a floatation aid.

Of course, if you’re not a confident swimmer it’s always a much better idea to stick to the shallows or the hotel pool, but even for seasoned swimmers, surfers or fishermen, it’s great to have some backup.


Sleuth out your stuff: Tracking devices to attach to your stuff

Holidays are so much fun and there’s nothing better than exploring an exciting new place. If you’re in a new city and you’re heading out exploring, no doubt you’re busy thinking about all the great things you want to see and how to get there, or the foods you want to taste. It can be easy to forget about the little things, like where you left your phone or wallet.

If you’re prone to misplacing your stuff, it’s worth investing in a small tracker device like the trackR or the tile

These can be attached to anything you want to keep track of like phones, wallets or even in placed in your children’s clothing if they’re likely to be running around. If you want to find your item, you can track it with the proximity sensor and the tag will emit a noise so you can find it. If the item is moving you can track it on a map on your phone, too.

Of course, it’s still better to avoid having to hunt down your stuff in the first place. Always check tables, seats or benches when you get up to walk away and try to have a designated place in your bag for keeping these items.


Water in the wild: UV and water filtration drink bottle

If you’re a real adventurer embarking on a more intrepid kind of trip, like hiking to Machu Picchu or visiting the Amazon rainforest, you might not have access to tap water at all. This means you’ll need something with a bit more filtration than the UV pen, especially if you’re relying on streams or wells for water.

In this case, you’ll need something that filters and cleans water to make it potable. The Drinksafe Travel Tap is a drink bottle that will filter and clean your water, no matter where you are.

Although it’s bigger than a UV pen, this item is well worth the extra space if you’re not going to have access to safe drinking water. You can fill it, then use the water for anything from rinsing out cuts and scratches, to washing your hands or face, as well as for drinking water.


Remember, no matter what handy gadgets you might have, you’ll still need to make sure you take care of yourselves and your stuff. The world’s your oyster, so get out there and enjoy it!

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