Best Restaurants in Singapore

From fine dining to street food: a guide to the best food in Singapore

Travellers looking for a culinary journey need to look no further – Singapore might be the best city for foodies, anywhere. Not content to rest on its reputation as the undisputed champion of fusion dining, Singapore is a destination to dine all around the world in one city.

For intrepid eaters, it’s easy to slip into the misconception that to have the best Italian dish, you best book your Roman Holiday, or if you want a sushi experience that will be delightfully Lost in Translation, head to Tokyo. While those destinations are life changers – if you want to taste the best of everything, head to Singapore.

This city nation sitting at the hub of Southeast Asia is at the crossroads of the world. Ancient cultures intersect with colonial influence and build upon generations upon generations who see food as fine art. But where do you even start in a destination that hosts hundreds of eateries? Everything from food courts to Michelin Star restaurants and everything in between. Here are our top picks in the categories you expect and maybe some you don’t.


Best fine dining

In the high-pressure world of fine dining, you don’t usually think of concepts like zen – but if you’re after one of the best restaurants in Singapore, head to Zén. This two-starred Michelin Award winner is nothing short of phenomenal. Zén is the sister restaurant to Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden – so the European pedigree permeates throughout. Exquisite, delicate dishes dance on the pallet and are a feast for the eyes. 

Along with its double Michelin Star, Zén is the winner of multiple awards, notably the best service in all of Asia in 2023. Best book ahead; tables are gone a month in advance, and while the price is steep at $750pp for dinner, the meal memories will last long after you’ve paid the credit card bill. Yes, chef!  


Family dining 

Best food court

Not all dining has to put a dent in your credit card. In fact, some of the very best food you have in Singapore will surprise you with how cheap it is. Made extra-famous by the hit film Crazy Rich Asians, the Newton Food Centre is heaven on earth for foodies, especially those wanting to save a buck.

Stroll the isles, follow your nose and embrace the street food culture. Laksa, Hawker Rolls, noodles – you name it, you’ll find it here. And unlike food courts found in every mall around the world, the food here isn’t just good; it’s great. So great that you might just ignore the rest of this list and just keep coming back for more. Don’t worry; it’s open 24hrs a day so midnight cravings are accounted for. 


Best Japanese restaurant

Japanese food has taken the world by storm this century. We’ve all eaten enough terrible mall sushi to forget how great Japanese food is when it’s done just right. Zuicho is THE place to get reacquainted with the good stuff. Delicate, delicious, masterfully plated and made with love.

Whether you're taking in the sweeping views of the Singapore skyline at one of the private booths or saddled up to the bar with the chef, the environment is top-shelf. Unsurprisingly, in a city that truly features the best dining in the world, Zuicho’s head chef Kenji Takahashi, has earned a Michelin Star. 


Best French restaurant

Les Amis is outrageous – in a good way. This three Michelin Star restaurant is haute French cuisine at its very, very best. The refined, elegant and cultured establishment would sit comfortably in Paris and the food would turn many a Parisian head. 

Founded in 1994, Les Amis has netted an impressive catch of Awards and many friends along the way. Accolades include the aforementioned stars, but don’t sleep on their Wine Spectator Grand Award and a Five Star Award from Forbes Travel – they are the only restaurant in Asia to take home the big three.


Best noodles in Singapore

Who hasn’t indulged in their fair share of Singapore Noodles in their time? Well, it’s about time to turn the tables and tuck into the best noodles in Singapore. Finding noodles in this culinary paradise certainly won’t be a challenge – finding ones worth writing home about is another story. 

In this tale about food, a chapter about noodles really should star a restaurant called A Noodle Story. Located at the base of Guoco Tower, the tallest building in Singapore, it isn’t hard to find. What makes it stand out is the unique combination of authentic Singaporean flavours on ramen noodles. It’s where comfort and connection meet in a delicious intersection that won't bust the bank. 


Noodle dish 

Best Australian connection

Australian dining has come of age. Maybe it’s a dash of MasterChef, maybe a sprinkle of world travel, but no matter how you slice it, gone are the days of the chicken parma being the end-all. And as Aussie dining has grown, so have our chefs. Look no further than Sri Lankan-born and Australian-trained chef Rishi Naleendra and his restaurant Cloudstreet. 

Named after our own legend Tim Winton and his book of the same name – Cloudstreet is a delight. This genre-bending eatery doesn’t waste time on defining itself, it’s far more interested in inventing what food could be. The specialty is an eight-course tasting menu that embraces the chaos and takes you on a culinary trip that redefines what a sensual culinary dining experience could be. Good onya mate.   


Best late-night bite

We’ve all been there, the city takes over and before you know it, your late dinner plans have morphed into a late-late-late dinner plan. A favourite place to have a late dinner is Employees Only. Even if you don’t work here, you can still get your last order in at eleven thirty on a Saturday night. 

It’s worth the wait. The steaks are some of the best around, and the speakeasy vibe makes for a perfect nightcap. Spectacular cocktails make it the ideal place to Spill the Tea (also the name of a popular Employees Only digestif), see and be seen and cap off a food adventure. 



Food and Singapore go hand in hand – in a city that boasts fifty-five Michelin Star restaurants and food hawkers, it’s hard to walk a block and not run into the best meal of your life. What sets this place apart from many foodie destinations is the broad reach of dining excellence. It’s not just one dish that you’ll see done and redone all over town – it’s the cuisine of the world on display and up for grabs like the best buffet going. Bon appetite! 

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