Going wild on holiday

Posted Date: 19 October 2016
Wild holiday

Some people like to really let their hair down on holiday. However, certain types of wild behaviour can sometimes take things too far. Read on to find out what makes some travellers real wildcards and what the repercussions can be.

Going wild on holiday infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Going wild on holiday

Travellers are taking the idea of letting loose on holiday to the extreme! From trying some crazy local food to seeking out new and extreme thrills, our recent survey results show how travellers become wildcards on holiday.

Some travellers are self-confessed wildcards on holiday

68% have let their hair down at least once overseas...

25% have a wild streak

12% are complete self-confessed wildcards

35% surveyed have done something overseas they would never do back home

For some travellers, a holiday is like an excuse to misbehave and do things they wouldn’t normally do.

39% Walking down backstreets at night

39% Eating strange foods

35% Adventure activities like river tubing, bungy jumping or cliff jumping

34% Drinking the local alcohol

Other wildcard activities include:


Night swimming


Strip clubs

Where are travellers getting wild?

The USA is the number one hotspot for wildcard travellers.

USA 24%

Indonesia/Bali 21%

Thailand 20%

UK 19%

France 18%

Amsterdam 16%

Italy 16%

Germany 14%

Spain 10%

Some wildcards are taking it too far and feeling the repercussions…

1 in 3 ended up sick or injured as a result of being too wild.

24% got a fine and a slap on the wrist

10% lost a significant amount of money

10% were arrested

Despite letting their hair down abroad, wildcards are still skimping on insurance... Amazingly, 23% didn’t have any insurance at all!

…and that’s the wildest thing by far!

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