Five tips when making a claim

The last thing you want on holiday is for something to go wrong. However, sometimes the unexpected does happen, and if it does we want it to be as easy as possible for you to get your claims paid.

If something unexpected has happened on your holiday, there’s a good chance you’ll need to make a claim when you get home. Here are five handy things to remember that will make the process even easier.

1. Check your dates

Check the dates on your Policy Certificate to make sure the date of the incident falls within the start and finish dates of your policy.  It’s OK if you’re submitting your claim once you’ve returned home, as long as the event itself happened during your cover period.

An easy way to keep track of specific dates is to keep a brief diary while you’re away. That way you’ve got a keepsake of your trip and confirmation of dates.

2. Print copies

It’s a good idea to keep printed copies of all your trip bookings, including accommodation, transport and activities. Keep a hold of them even after you’ve used them for checking in so you can use them if you need to make a claim.

Keep a copy of the Policy Wording and your Policy Certificate on hand, too. These will have been emailed to you when your policy was purchased.

3. Keep all documents

It’s really important to keep all original supporting documents, as we will need you to send them to us if you’re making a claim. Supporting documents could be any of the following:

  • Receipts or proof of purchase for personal items
  • Valuations for personal items
  • Police report for incidents 
  • Travel documents like itinerary or boarding passes
  • Report from airline for lost, stolen or damaged luggage
  • Death certificate of family member for cancellations
  • Medical or hospital documents
  • Proof of non-refund from provider (e.g. hotel or airline) for cancellations

If you don’t have the receipts for your items, you can use bank statements, invoices, or reprinted receipts from the store where you bought them. If you’re unsure about any of these things, get in touch - we’re here to help.

4. Internet access

You’ll need to go to our website to make a claim. The process can take a few minutes, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re somewhere with a strong connection that isn’t going to cut out.

5. Double check

It’s always a good idea to double check details like addresses, dates and times. Check them against your supporting documents to ensure they’re correct, before you submit your claim.


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