Fiji: The Best Moments and Where to Find Them

Fiji’s Top Resorts 

A luxe holiday to Fiji can be daunting to plan – flicking through Instagram you are bombarded by one stunning image after another. Beautiful people in spectacular locations, all having the times of their lives. People living in the moment, in the most stunning of settings. When everything looks incredible, the challenge becomes finding the best fit – for you. 

Are you after the ultimate in luxury or something aimed at the whole family? Do you have a taste for adventure or just want to dive into amazing food? 

The best holidays are often a collection of incredible moments – the memories that snap into focus when we look back on a remarkable trip. And planning that holiday is all about connecting the dots between moments. Projecting into the future where you look back onto a past you’ll never forget. Here are some favourite Fiji moments and the best resorts to experience them.


Best beach moment

When you dream of Fiji, there is probably a beach involved. In a tropical nation of countless islands surrounded by shimmering South Pacific water, beaches are everywhere. Choosing the best one is nigh on impossible – but if you’re looking for a glorious place to stay that is all about the beach, The Coconut Beach Resort is ideal. 

This tiny island resort is a 25-minute chopper flight from Nadi – and what a way to arrive in style. The well-appointed villas spill out onto the white sand, and the resort offers all the amenities you’d expect and some tidy surprises thrown in, too. This is the place when you are all about the beach – time to log off and sand on. 


Best pool moment

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to hang by the pool. The beach looks beautiful, but the sand does get everywhere. And the ocean feels great, but the salt and – what just touched my leg? There is something about stretching out by the pool, a book or cocktail in hand and taking on the day one sip at a time. 
Tokoriki Island Resort takes that to the next level. Dripping in luxury, these villas have been recognised time and time again as one of the best places to stay in the whole country. Most of the bures and villas have their own private pools so you can lap up the luxury in private pleasure.   


Couple sitting on loungers next to pool overlooking the ocean


Best snorkelling and scuba diving moment

For many adventurous travellers coming to Fiji for some scuba diving or snorkelling is on the must-do list. The crystal-clear waters and warm seas are ideal for novice and experienced water folks alike. Staying at a resort geared to diving can be a real win-win. Not only do you get the best of resort life with opulent food, accommodation and on-land activities – you also get the convenience of diving right out the door.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji is a favourite among those who like luxury and adventure. The over-water bures are spectacular and ooze subtle luxury. This couples-only resort is perfect for those wanting to leave the kids at home and have a meltdown-free holiday. If you can drag yourself away from the view, the PADI Five-Star training and diving team can both certify you as a diver or take you on a trip to some of the best dive sites in Fiji. 


Pro tip

If you’re looking to become a certified scuba diver there is a study component and pool training that can be completed in Australia before you come on holiday. The final certification steps are open water dives, which you can complete on holiday. This means you can spend time diving and not in a classroom on your Fijian holiday. 



Snorkel being held in clear water with tropical island in background


Best food moment

Everyone hopes that the meal that emerges from the kitchen and is delivered to the table is worthy of a picture. That moment when the food looks too  good to eat and you're compelled to snap a photo for Instagram and send it to the folks back home. That feeling of anticipation of the reveal is often as delicious as the meal.

At Namale Resort they take dining very seriously. Their world-renowned chefs prepare meals that embrace Fijian cuisine and infuse it with a sense of wonder and luxury that will get you grabbing your camera along with your fork. They also specialise in the grandeur of what a meal can be – they offer dining experiences throughout the property including a cave on the beach, private tables amongst the palm trees and more. 


Coconut serving bowl


Best ‘I’m a Celebrity’ moment

You don’t have to be named Leo or Oprah to feel like a celebrity at resorts in Fiji. The standards of service intertwined with a cultural pride in friendliness added onto opulent abodes make for an alchemy that can make almost anyone feel like an A-Lister. But – if you do want to go big and get that celebrity treatment, Fiji is a fantastic place to indulge.

Como Laucala Island Resort is something special. The impressively large private island is sparsely populated with guests. With only twenty-five villas, it’s a haven for those craving privacy. Where it is thin on the ground for neighbours it more than makes up for in amenities and activities. World-class dining, jaw-dropping villas, private golf course, guided hikes, sailing adventures and a lot more. The price is steep, but you only live once – Leo.   


Best ‘As Seen on the Big Screen’ moment

Fiji has a long history on the silver screen. Movies like The Blue Lagoon and TV series like Australian Survivor and Love Island have all featured Fiji doing its Fiji thing. There is one movie that surely comes to mind when you think of a tropical island adventure… Is that you Wilson?

Castaway Island Fiji Resort isn’t named that by accident. The resort is one short boat ride away from the deserted island where the Tom Hanks classic film Castaway was filmed. They offer day trips to the island where you can wash up on shore – volleyball included. 

The resort itself is a delightful place to holiday as well, especially for families. Many resorts in Fiji are either geared towards or exclusive to adults – so the fun-loving, family-friendly atmosphere here is a welcome change for many.


Best sunset moment

Choosing just one spot for your best Fiji sunset moment is a tall order. In Fiji – wherever you are, you’re on an island in the ocean – shouldn’t the sunset be spectacular everywhere? Well, some places are a cut above. 

Six Senses Resort, with its sparse swaying palm trees on the beach and beautiful infinity pool perfectly made to reflect the sunsetting sky, is a top choice. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-trick pony. For the hours each day that the sun is not setting, you are still in one of Fiji's top resorts. The private villas and top-rated spa facilities are the ultimate place to recharge your batteries for the next sunset.

A trip to Fiji, especially to one of Fiji’s top resorts, is the sort of holiday that is just the tonic when the chills of life are getting you down. Fiji is nearly overflowing with top-quality resort locations, while the tide is still out on the influx of mass tourism. This means that you can have authentic experiences, relax on nearly deserted beaches and indulge in the finer things all at a relaxed island-time pace. When we look back at our best holidays, it’s those moments we remember. 

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