International Comprehensive

Eligibility Criteria

Our International Comprehensive policy is available to customers living in Australia permanently who are eligible to all publicly funded health and disability services.

International Comprehensive is not appropriate for people travelling overseas intending to obtain medical or dental treatment or cosmetic surgery/consultation. Nor is it appropriate for those who have been advised by a registered medical practitioner not to fly.

This product is only available to buy via our website or by calling our customer service team.

You can only get cover under this policy if you meet all the criteria below.

  • You live in Australia permanently
  • You're eligible for a Medicare card
  • You haven't already left Australia when you buy this policy
  • You're travelling on your journey to a destination outside of Australia
  • You will return to Australia after finishing your journey
  • You haven't been refused cover, had an insurance claim declined, or had an insurance policy cancelled or voided, because of fraud
  • You have an Australian bank account
  • You have access to an email address so we can contact you about your policy.

When you buy this policy, you confirm that you meet these criteria at the date your insurance starts, and will keep meeting the criteria until the date your insurance ends.

If you don’t meet all these criteria at the date your insurance starts or at any time after the date your insurance starts, we may reduce or refuse to pay a claim or may cancel the policy, or treat the policy as if it had never existed.

If you no longer meet any of these criteria at any time after the date your insurance starts, your policy will end from the date you no longer meet the criteria. From that date, we’ll have no liability for any further claims, costs, or losses.

Note: You do not need to have purchased a return ticket before your start date of journey, but you must intend to return to Australia on the completion of your overseas travel.