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Travel insurance for Japan

Japan has so much to offer. From ancient culture to pop culture, Japan is a country full of contradictions and intrigue.

In Tokyo, there’s the Imperial Palace, dating back to the Shogun era, or, the most American institution of Tokyo, Disneyland to visit. Take in the peaceful temples, with manicured gardens, such as Ryoan-ji or, world heritage site, Kotoku-in. If gardens aren’t quite your pace, you’ll find hardcore skiing and snowboarding in Neseiko, Sapporo, Myoko and Hakuba to name but a few of the ski resort areas that are plentiful across Japan.

Comprehensive cover

From the Kyushu district in the South to the Hokkaido district of the north our TravelCare policy will give you comfort in every possible situation.

When you travel with TravelCare, you get unlimited access to our worldwide emergency assistance team. Ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. So just in case something unexpected happens, such as a medical emergency or you’re left stranded overseas when a flight is cancelled, you can count on us to be there for you.

We also cover your rental vehicle excess costs, should you have an accident. This can be costly even if it’s not your fault.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance includes cover for:

  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • Damaged or lost baggage
  • Personal items if they are stolen or damaged
  • Unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, with no excess for medical claims
  • Rental car excess should you have an accident
  • Emergency dental treatment

Travel insurance for Japan

Advice for Aussie travellers to Japan

Be sure to take your policy certificate with you when travelling to Japan. Japanese hospitals have been known to refuse treatment to foreign patients who are unable to show proof of medical insurance, or have all costs approved by either your credit card provider or your bank. Medical costs are generally very high so travelling with insurance is smart thinking in more ways than one.

Stopover in Tokyo?

Whether you’re landing at Narita or Haneda, the city sights of Tokyo are within easy reach to explore even if you only have 24 hours. Check out our article on 24 hours in Tokyo for some stopover ideas to inspire.

Remember, if you leave the transit area of the airport, you will need to include Japan as one of your destinations on your travel insurance policy to be covered.

Trip confirmed? Get travel insurance now

We want you to have a great trip, wherever you’re travelling to, without the worry of something unexpected ruining everything. That’s why it’s best to sort out your insurance with our TravelCare policy before you leave.

Once you’ve organised your travel insurance, you also have cover before you go. So it won’t be all bad news if an unexpected event prevents you from travelling, or there’s an unavoidable last minute change, provided it falls under the terms and conditions of your policy. For more details about cover before you depart, read Cancellations and Alterations.


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