Southern Cross Travel Insurance reveals Bali belly and lost phones are most common claims for Aussie travellers to Indonesia

Southern Cross Travel Insurance’s policy sales for trips to Indonesia are up 38% compared to pre-pandemic

8 November 2023 by Laura Sedgwick

  • Most common claims include Bali Belly (24% of total claims received in 2023) and lost or stolen phones (10%), with monkey-related claims making up 1 per cent of total claims received.
  • Indonesia is the second most claimed against country in 2023, just behind USA.
  • Southern Cross Travel Insurance’s policy sales are up 38% in 2023, compared to the same period pre-pandemic (2019).
  • Indonesia is proving to be the most popular destination among Aussies with the destination, accounting for 17% of policies sold in 2023.
  • The average insurance claim cost for Indonesia has risen by 44% since pre pandemic (2019), from $706 to $1,017 in 2023.

Indonesia has secured the top spot among Australian travellers, with the destination accounting for 17 per cent of all policies sold in 2023, according to Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI).

However, it’s not all yoga and beach time for Australian travellers as SCTI has revealed that its average claim costs are up by 44% when compared to pre-pandemic travel (2019), from $706 to $1,017 in 2023. It also disclosed that the most common claims among Aussie travellers going to Indonesia are for medical treatment for Bali belly (24%), followed by lost phones which account for 10 per cent of total claims received in 2023.

Other claims include requests to cover reef and surfing cuts and monkey-associated incidents. Over the past five years SCTI has paid almost $17,000 in claims to Australian travellers who have had their belongings stolen by monkeys in Bali.

Jo McCauley, SCTI CEO says, “Common claims such as lost, stolen or damaged phones can put a real dampener on your holiday. However, there are a few things people should keep in mind, which could make claiming on your travel insurance easier should it ever happen to you, says McCauley.

“Firstly, lost or stolen items must be reported to the police as soon as possible. A written report is often required in order for claims to be paid. For any claims relating to a lost or stolen mobile phone or device with phone capabilities, you must block the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number by contacting your service provider and provide proof this has been done.

“A mobile IMEI number is a unique 15-digit number which is included on each mobile handset. We always recommend keeping a record of your IMEI number so you can access it easily, should your phone be lost or stolen. However, it can also be accessed from an Apple iCloud account and Google’s Find My Device service, if devices have been linked properly.

“Lastly, you need to take reasonable care with the safety and security of your item, especially when you’re in public places. If you leave your property unattended in your beach bag while you take a dip and someone takes the opportunity to steal your property, you may find yourself unable to claim for your losses. We’d therefore recommend you keep your property close by yourself or people you trust,” says McCauley.

Australian travel insurance claims for Indonesia are up slightly by 1% for 2023 compared to the same period in 2019 and travel insurance policy sales with SCTI for the same period are up by 38%.

“Indonesia has always been a popular destination among Aussies, and our data reveals that even more of them are choosing SCTI to cover their trips - even though the latest insights we have available indicate that traveller volumes are still yet to hit pre-pandemic levels.”

“Indonesia is also the second most claimed against destination among our SCTI customers, only one spot behind the USA, so it’s really important that Aussies remember to purchase their travel insurance before they depart” says McCauley.

The average cost for a travel insurance policy for a week-long trip to Bali over the Christmas holidays for two adults aged 40 and two young children starts from as little as $87.52 for Medical Only cover or $139.56 for International Comprehensive cover with Southern Cross Travel Insurance.