Travel delay cover

Travel delay cover




If your travel is interrupted for more than 12 hours, we’ll reimburse you for additional costs of transport, accommodation, meals and the cost of communications so you can continue with your original planned journey, or reimburse you for your unused prepaid costs.

We’ll provide cover up to either $30,000 per journey, or the expenses you incur for the first 30 days after the interruption (whichever is lower).

Alteration cover and cancellation cover

Something unexpected has come up and you can’t leave for your trip as you planned? No worries!

As long as it falls under the terms and conditions of your policy, we’ve got you covered for up to $50,000 per journey for an individual policy, and up to $100,000 per journey for a family policy.

If you have to cancel or make an alteration to your travel before you depart, you can make a claim under the ‘changes to your journey’ section of the policy. We'll reimburse you either the total value of your extra alteration costs, or for the total value of your unused, prepaid costs (whichever is lower).

When am I covered?

You're protected for alteration and cancellation from the moment you purchase your policy until you leave Australia.

Frequent Flyer cover

If your ticket was purchased with Frequent Flyer Points we’ll cover you for up to $5,000 per journey.

Special events

But what about getting to the wedding on time? We'll pay up to $3,000 per person, to a maximum of $6,000 per journey, towards alternative transport for you to get to your special event on time.

Please note, a special event is an event that can't be delayed or rescheduled (such as a wedding, funeral, conference, concert, show, festival or sporting event).

Dealing with travel delays

Unfortunately, delays are sometimes unavoidable when you’re travelling. Each year we see thousands of claims relating to interrupted travel plans and the cost can be considerable.

So what should you do if your flight is delayed or cancelled? In this video, our travel experts highlight some of the common causes of travel delays and the possible cost to you if you don’t have travel insurance. They also provide advice on what to do if you’re delayed, and explain how we can help.

What is an unexpected event?

We consider an unexpected event to be a cause or event that happens during your period of insurance that was sudden, unforeseeable or unintended; and was outside of your control, and could not reasonably have been anticipated or avoided.

Who do you call?

Our emergency assistance team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +61 2 9191 1180.

If you’re calling from Australia, you can reach us Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5pm AEDT/AEST on 1800 196 484.

For terms and conditions, excess and sub-limits, please refer to the Combined Financial Services Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), including Policy Wording.

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