Top tips to keep your smartphone safe

Posted Date: 24 March 2014
Smartphone safe tips

Smartphones are the ideal travel companions of the 21st century. They let you know where you are, what’s nearby, reviews, local history, recommendations and so forth. Losing your phone at home can be devastating but it can be even worse when you’re on the road and relying on the information it can offer.

Backing up your smartphone is the first step in minimising loss, so before you travel make sure you’ve completed a full back up of all photographs, documents and contacts. This means that in the worst-case scenario it will only be the hardware that is lost, and not your sentimental data such as photos.

Before you go also sign up your devices for the free services such as Apple’s Find My iPhone. Once signed up you can log in online and see exactly where your device is, assuming it’s switched on and the GPS is functional. You can even send messages to the device if lost, and delete all the content remotely if there’s any sensitive data you’re worried about. It’s also worthwhile recording any serial numbers for your devices and keeping this with your back-up at home.

When you’re overseas it’s hard to spot pick pockets so make sure that your phone is secure and can’t be reached by anyone bumping into you or passing in a crowd. The other major threat is simply forgetting your devices while you’re out having a good time. When leaving cafes and bars double check you have all your belongings and if you plan on having a big night out may be worth leaving valuables in a secure place in your hotel.


Craig Morrison, CEO

Southern Cross Travel Insurance

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