How travel smart are you?

Posted Date: 07 September 2016
Smart traveller quiz

Travel is an amazing experience, right from planning, to getting on the plane and taking off on your adventure! But how travel smart are you? Sometimes the smaller things can catch you out, so take our quiz to find out how savvy you are.

How travel smart are you infographic created by: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

How travel smart are you?

From troublesome taxis to communicating with the locals, even the most seasoned traveller gets caught out sometimes. Take this handy quiz to see how well you know your globetrotting guidelines...

  1. You’re planning a holiday, yay! Do you book everything in advance or prefer to roll with the punches?

Book everything (go to 2)

See how it goes (go to 3)

Taking things as they come helps you to be flexible, but can lead to spending more money or not being able to find accommodation!

  1. You arrive and find your accommodation is double booked, do you jump in a cab and ask for the nearest hotel, or get on the internet to research options nearby?

Cab (go to 5)

Internet (go to 4)

Be careful! Some cabbies have deals with questionable hotels, where they get a commission for referring tourists.

  1. You arrive somewhere new with no plans or bookings. Do you hit the nearest bar and meet some locals, or visit the local tourist info centre?

Info centre (go to 4)

Bar! (go to 5) 

While meeting the locals is great, keep your wits about you and an eye on your stuff. And never leave your drink unattended.

  1. Would you rather jump on a sightseeing bus or rent a scooter to get around?

Bus (go to 6)

Scooter (go to 7)

If hop on-hop off buses are available, they’re a great way to orientate yourself in a new city.

Make sure you wear your helmet and follow all road rules, otherwise you won’t be covered.

  1. You meet some new friends, who offer to let you sleep on their couch for the night. What do you say?

Thanks but no thanks (go to 6)

Sure, why not? (go to 7)

Watch out! Your stuff isn’t covered if it’s stolen or lost while staying at informal accommodation.

  1. Do you buy insurance as soon as you pay for any flights or accommodation, or just before you fly out?

Straight away (go to 10)

Before you fly (go to 9)

Well done! If you buy insurance early, you’re covered for any unexpected cancellations and it doesn’t cost you any extra.

  1. What are your holiday beach essentials? Towel and sunscreen, or sunnies and camera?

Towel and sunscreen (go to 8)

Sunnies and camera (go to 11)

Oops! Don’t take valuables to the beach – they’re not covered if they’re stolen while left unattended.

  1. Do you budget right to every last cent or keep some extra money aside just in case?

Budget (go to 15)

Keep extra (of to 13)

Travel can be unpredictable, so never leave yourself without some backup!

  1. If English isn’t the native language, would you rather learn a few phrases or rely on English speakers?

Learn phrases (go to 12)

Stick to English (go to 14)

You can’t count on always finding English speakers, so get learning!

  1. What shoes would you wear on a walking tour; cool sandals or comfy lace-ups?

Sandals (go to 14)

Lace ups (go to 12)

Nice one! No matter how hot it is, stick to good walking shoes ‘cause blisters can ruin your holiday!

  1. Would you cool down in Thailand with iced tea or bottled water?

Bottled water (go to 13)

Iced tea (go to 15)

Be careful!  If the tap water’s not safe to drink, avoid it in all forms - including ice.

  1. Is it better to book multiple flights close together to save time, or allow more time between flights?

Allow time (go to Switched on and savvy)

Close together (go to Street wise)

We can’t cover you if you miss a flight due to tight time frames. Always allow time in between flights!

  1. If your passport’s valid until you get home, is that all you need to get in to any country?

Yes (go to Wild card)

No (go to Book smart)

Yikes! There’s more to it than just having a passport! Always check passport and visa requirements for your destination, or you can be refused entry.

  1. Would you dress up glam or keep it casual and comfy?

Casual (go to Switched on and savvy)

Dress up (go to Street wise)

Good stuff! Blending in can help stop you from being a target for thieves and scam artists.

  1. When booking flights, is it better to get a cheap deal or choose your arrival time?

Arrival time (go to Book smart)

Cheap deal (go to Wild card)

Be careful! If you’re arriving in an unknown city after dark, always ensure you’re able to get to your accommodation safe and sound.

Switched on and savvy

You’ve done this before! You’ve got the right attitude to travel and you know your stuff when it comes to the important details. Nice one, globe trotter.


Your attitude is great and you’re ready to take on the world! You’re well on track, so check out our articles on losing your luggage or passport pitfalls to help you brush up and become a real travel guru.

Book smart

You’ve got a good understanding of the important parts and it sounds like you’ve done your research. But what about tricks and scams? We’ve got some articles about taxi and activity scams to get you street smart too.

Wild card

Wow! you like to live on the edge.  You might be new to travel, or perhaps you’ve just been lucky. The world of travel has a lot to offer, but you might want to read some of our articles about train scams and the golden rules of travel insurance, because luck doesn’t last forever.

No matter whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just starting out - we’re here to help. If you’ve got any questions or need some advice, get in touch.

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