Planning a ski trip?

Posted Date: 27 May 2015
Skiing and snowboarding

What better way to have a great adventure holiday during the winter than heading to the mountains? It’s a great chance to catch up with friends while combining the fun and excitement of the snow with exercise and relaxation. You’ll be enjoying the stunning vista of snow covered landscapes, clear blue skies and vibrant apres ski evenings. Below, we answer a few of the regular questions we receive.

Do I have to pay extra for skiing or snowboarding?

No! We think the point of travel insurance is to cover the normal things people do on holiday – like skiing and snowboarding. So we do. We consider skiing and snowboarding quite normal behaviour, so we include it at no extra charge!

Of course there are a few things you need to be careful of. You’ll need to make sure you’re skiing or boarding in an amateur downhill ski field and you’re within the designated commercial area. That way you’ll be fine. No need to ‘opt -in’ or pay anything extra at all. Just don’t go forging off into closed sections or ‘off piste’ in areas outside the designated skifield area - unfortunately we can’t cover you for that.

What if I take my own skis or snowboard away with me?

That is fine.  You should be aware however, that sporting equipment itself (such as skis or snowboards) will not be covered for damage whilst in use.  So for example, if you were skiing, had a tumble and broke your leg and your skis, you would be covered for your broken leg, but not for your damaged skis.  But, if you your skis were broken while they were in checked luggage (and your airline refused to compensate you for the damage) you would be covered.

What about heli-skiing? Am I covered?

Another common question we often get is about whether you’re covered for heli-skiing. Because heli-skiing is generally run outside designated commercial ski areas – sorry you won’t be covered for this. It’s the same for off-piste uncontrolled areas of the mountain. We have to draw the line there too, so no cover, sorry. Although these areas of untracked snow may look very inviting, they are often dangerous and seldom patrolled, so it’s pretty risky if you think about it. They’re usually called ‘out of bounds’ for good reason!

Can I go racing?

Sorry but no. Any type of ski or snowboard competition including racing isn’t covered.

What about cross-country skiing?

We’re fine with cross-country skiing provided that it is not in a remote area. Remember that the weather can change very rapidly in alpine areas and what seems safe and danger free one day can be risky and even treacherous the next, so be very careful, especially if you have inexperienced people or little ones with you.


I want to go tobogganing.

Sure no problem, go have fun. Just be sensible and it’s fine by us.


Ok by us, as long as you’re not racing or travelling in a remote area. Mush!


You will have medical cover as long as you’re not racing or travelling anywhere remote. However there is no cover in your SCTI policy for damage to the snowmobile or for any personal liability so please be careful.


That’s walking in the snow with ‘tennis rackety’ things on your feet for the uninitiated, and yup that’s all good with us. Just remember, do it somewhere that’s not remote or hazard prone.

A final word

Basically we want to cover you for your ski holiday at no extra cost! So remember if you want to be fully covered and safe, follow these few general rules, and you should be good to go with an SCTI policy: We don’t cover you if you are competing, racing, going off-piste outside the designated ski area or in areas which have been closed for any reason, or heli-skiing.

If you’re planning a holiday at a commercial ski area in the mountains this winter with family or friends, or if you’re planning to go alone and maybe make friends along the way... you’re all good to go at no extra cost with your Southern Cross Travel Insurance.


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