Packing tips for your next trip away

Posted Date: 01 April 2014
Packing tips


There’s a common saying among travellers when packing - “pack your bags then remove half, now you have the right amount to take”. Some travel advice that isn’t heard so much is that “if you’re travelling with a companion, split your items between bags”. It’s recommended to have half your items in your own bag, and half in your companion’s bag, and the same with belongings.

This might sound a little strange but if you’ve just landed in a new country, and you realise one of you have lost your luggage, you’ll both still have enough personal and clothing items to get by.


To fit more in and to make sure your clothes are ready to wear at the other end, roll your jeans, trousers and t-shirts. You’ll find they’ll crease less and be good to go at your destination.


We’ve all stood at the conveyer belt watching hundreds of black and grey bags going past, wondering if that one is ours. Or maybe that one? A good way to spot your bag instantly is to use a colourful luggage strap. This is visible from all angles so you’ll be able to recognise your bag immediately, regardless of how it’s been placed on the conveyer belt.

Less is more:

If you’re not travelling far, for long, or to another climate it might be worth just taking hand luggage. This way you can:

  • spend less time checking in
  • avoid waiting by the luggage carousel at the other end
  • get first in line for customs and out the other side.

You are then zipping in and out of the airport without having to lug heavy bags.


Craig Morrison, CEO

Southern Cross Travel Insurance

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