8 people who took travel to the next level

Posted Date: 24 September 2014
Next level travel

Have you ever arrived in a city on the other side of the world, stepped out of the airport, breathed in the local air, and just thought – wow , I can’t believe the power of travel in the 21st century?

Well, for some, that delightfully warm feeling of fresh adventure and new possibilities just isn’t enough. They feel the need to take it to the next level.

Here are eight people who couldn’t be satisfied by merely taking selfies in front of landmarks or checking-in to cool foreign locales on Facebook. They’re all bizarre travel world record holders.

Vera Anderson and her son Ross

How does one person visit all 50 of the United States of America and 191 countries – all at the same time? For Vera Anderson of the USA, it was through her son, Ross. One of Vera’s dying wishes was to become a jetsetter, which she did, when her ashes were divvied up into plastic bags, sealed and then sent to post offices across the capital cities of America and countries around the world. A note asking the recipient to find a nice resting place for the ashes accompanied each package, making her the record holder for furthest travelled ashes. For all it’s worth…

Geoff Marshall and Anthony Smith

In August 2013, Marshall and Smith attempted for the 25th time to break the Guinness World Record for fastest time to visit all stations of the London Underground. They were successful and completed the feat in a time of 16 hours and 20 minutes and 27 seconds, beginning at Chalfont & Latimer station and finishing at Heathrow Terminal 5. The pair successfully broke the world record with help from Chris Green who planned the route and gave directions and support during the attempt. Word record-breaking patience might have been needed to spend that long on The Tube!

Vaidehi Thirrupathy

Ticking off all seven continents from your travel list is an achievement no matter what your age, but the youngest person to ever do this is Vaidehi Thirrupathy at just 205 days old, (just under seven months old). Travelling with her family, Vaidehi visited Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and finished her journey in November 2008 in Antarctica. That’s pretty much the equivalent of one continent a month.

Jason Sands

Usually drivers get frustrated by how slow mobile homes travel, but not this time. Sands holds the record for fastest caravan tow at a whopping 228.523km/h. The caravan broke the record with modified tyres and wheels and was towed over El Mirage Dry Lake in California, USA.

Niek Vermeulen

Some people’s obsessions can often be weird enough to make a regular person feel sick to the stomach. That probably isn’t the case for Niek Vermeulen, who holds the world record for largest collection of airline sick bags. Niek has over 6,200 from 1,191 different airlines services, almost 200 countries. He started the collection in the 1970s and continues it today.

Bill Gates (and Co.)

One of the most luxurious ways to take travel to the next level is to stay in the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. Former guests have included billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, President Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, pop star Rihanna and Richard Branson. Why? Well, because this hotel room holds the world record for most expensive suite in the world at a mind blowing $80,000 a night! It does include 12 bedrooms with en-suites, built in gym, Jacuzzi, a library and a 26-person dining room, but still, you might need one of Niek Vermeulen’s sick bags to take that price in!

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