Travel insurance for the United Kingdom

Travel insurance for the United Kingdom



Travellers ages 

7 days cover to the UK starts at $55*

Over half a million Australians visit the United Kingdom each year. Whether it’s crossing Abbey Road, exploring the mysterious Stonehenge, or rowing down the River Thames, the UK has no shortage of bucket-list activities.

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, meaning there’s a wide range of cities and scenery to discover. However, there are also a wide range of potential risks for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive travel insurance is essential to protect yourself on holiday, and understanding your cover is the best way to avoid unexpected costs.

What am I insured for in the United Kingdom?

Our TravelCare policy provides great quality and affordable travel insurance for your holiday to the UK. Travellers who are protected under TravelCare have access to our worldwide emergency assistance team, who are contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our travel insurance covers you for:

  • Personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen
  • Unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, with no excess for medical claims
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage
  • Airline cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • Rental car excess if you have an accident in the UK

Travel insurance for United Kingdom

Do Australians need travel insurance for the UK?

Travel between Australia and the United Kingdom is made fairly easy due to the close relationship between the two countries. Australians generally do not need a visa for travel in the UK for up to six months (provided they’re travelling as tourists).

Australia and the UK also share a reciprocal health agreement, which allows Australians to receive necessary immediate treatment under the UK health system for up to six months. This treatment includes medicine, nursing, care and accommodation in a public ward of a National Health Service hospital, ambulance travel and out-patient treatment.

This reciprocal health agreement can sometimes lead travellers to believe they don’t need travel insurance when visiting the United Kingdom. This is not the case. The agreement does not cover a number of things, like emergency dental care, flight cancellations caused by injury, medical evacuation, or any treatment conducted by a medical provider that is not part of the National Health Service Scheme.

Does my insurance cover me for medical and hospital bills?

For travellers without insurance, emergency hospital treatment can become extremely expensive, especially when it disrupts your travel plans. For example, your injuries may require you to upgrade to roomier seats on the plane, or prevent you from flying at all.

We’ve seen first-hand how expensive it can be to extend your holiday because of injury, which is why our TravelCare policy covers you for unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, with no excess for medical claims.

Travelling to London, England

Am I covered for stolen or damaged valuables, like my phone, camera and laptop?

The UK can feel like a second home for many Australians, however that shouldn’t make them complacent with their valuables. Pickpocketing and petty theft is common in the UK. In fact, King’s Cross Station in London experiences over 200 cases of theft each year, and ‘moped muggings’ are becoming notorious in the city.

We understand how upsetting it can be to have your valuables stolen overseas, which is why our TravelCare policy covers you for loss, damage or theft to valuables that occurs from an unexpected event. What is an ‘unexpected event’? Your policy defines an unexpected event as something that was unforeseeable, sudden, unintended and out of your control. You can read more about your cover under our TravelCare policy in our Product Disclosure Statement.

Does my cover include flight cancellations and delays?

Whether it’s severe weather, volcanic ash clouds, or airline workers on strike, there are a number of ways your flight plans can be disrupted. For uninsured travellers, these disruptions can be costly and frustrating, especially when you need to extend your accommodation bookings.

Our TravelCare policy includes extensive delay cover, that reimburses you for additional costs of accommodation, transport and meals if your travel is interrupted for more than 12 hours. If you’re attending a special event (e.g. a wedding or concert), we may also cover alternative transport costs if you’re side-tracked by an unexpected event.

Visiting castles in Scotland

Am I covered for rental car excess?

Heading beyond the city centres in a rental car is a great way to explore the charming UK countryside. Raw coastline, rolling hills and rustic villages can all be easily reached in a rental car, however travellers should ensure their insurance covers them for unexpected accidents.

Under our TravelCare policy, you’re covered for excess of up to $5,000 if your rental car or motor home is involved in an accident. If you plan to hit the open road overseas, remember to:

  • Obey all local driving laws
  • Hire your vehicle from a licensed rental car agency
  • Comply with the terms of the rental vehicle agreement
  • Only drive on formed or paved roads and car parks
  • Don’t drink or drive under any circumstances

*Terms and conditions

The $55 price advertised is for TravelCare, Single Journey, 7 days individual cover for ages 0-54 travelling to the United Kingdom. The advertised price does not include any specified items or surcharges for pre-existing medical conditions.

Please read the Combined FSG and PDS including Policy Wording to make sure TravelCare is right for you and your next holiday overseas.

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