Multi-trip travel insurance

Multi-trip travel insurance



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More than one trip?

If you’ve got a few different trips or holidays lined up this year, then our Annual Frequent Traveller policy could be the best option for you.

Our Annual Frequent Traveller policy provides cover for an unlimited number of journeys overseas, each no longer than 90 days, over a 12-month period.

This means you only need to book and pay for your insurance once, saving you the hassle of arranging insurance every time you travel over the space of a year. Not only does it make travelling that much easier, it is also more cost-effective. And with the SCTI business model, providing budget insurance direct from the insurer, you’ll make significant savings.

How good is the cover?

Our Annual Frequent Traveller policy offers the same comprehensive cover that you get for a single journey trip. If you haven’t experienced our travel insurance before, rather than read more of our own words, you may like to check out the reviews for our cover and service through the independent review site, Product Review.

What is covered?

SCTI’s Annual Frequent Traveller policy includes cover for:

  • Unlimited medical and evacuation expenses, with no excess for medical claims
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • Damaged or lost baggage
  • Personal items if they are stolen or damaged
  • Rental car excess should you have an accident
  • Emergency dental treatment

For terms and conditions, a full list of benefits, sub-limits and excesses, please read the Combined FSG and PDS, including Policy Wording.

Why is it so affordable?

The reason SCTI can provide annual travel insurance so cheaply is that we offer travel insurance direct from the insurer, cutting out all the extra costs involved with third parties. This, on top of the coverage of unlimited trips, makes our annual travel insurance an obvious choice for frequent travellers.

Can I get a quote now?

Absolutely. Scroll to the top of this screen, and above the ‘journey dates’ there is a check box you need to select for Annual Frequent Traveller. Then add all the destinations you’re expecting to visit over the year, the date you want your cover to start from, enter your age and click ‘get a quote’.

You’ll receive an instant quote and if you need to get covered immediately, you can complete the application process in just a few minutes. Remember, you must buy before you leave Australia, so do it now before you forget!