Cheap Travel Insurance Online


Don't just get cheap travel insurance, get the right insurance for your needs.
When shopping for cheap travel insurance there are many easy ways you can save money while still maintaining a proper level of protection. SCTI sells insurance direct to our customers, so we can provide high quality protection at exceptionally low prices.

Get good value for money

Travel insurance should represent good value for money. Obviously, having your personal healthy and safety insured when you travel is essential, but protecting against those smaller risks, like having your baggage lost or stolen, can end up saving you lots of money.

Best value is a relatively cheap travel insurance policy that does not break the bank but takes care of all of your essentials while travelling.

Don't waste money on commissions

SCTI is the underwriter, insurer and retailer. We insure you direct, so you don't need to pay extra for travel agents, other insurers, affiliates, etc. By avoiding all of these unnecessary costs, SCTI is able to offer cheap travel insurance Australia wide for travel anywhere in the world.

SCTI take all of the hassle out of travel insurance, by making it easy and cheap to buy travel insurance online. Get your instant quote online today.


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